3 Ways to Make it...

1. Mix a Shmoo Cappuccino Milkshake

2. Mix it into milk

3. Blend it with ice

Start up Cost

1 x 1.25kg bag of Cappuccino Cool: £36.90
1 x Stainless Steel Mixing Jug:
(only needed if using mixing method 2)
+ vat
Start Cost: £48.90

Your start order will include:

How Much to Make a Cappuccino Cool?
(Toppings not included)

Costs for Shmoo Premium Cappuccino Flavour are slightly more than regular Shmoo – see Shmoo Costs.

13 floz Cappuccino Cool mixed into milk = 43p
13 floz Cappuccino Cool blended with ice = 60p

How Much can I Charge and Make?

Let’s imagine you have an average cafe on the average UK high Street.
From our experience you would sell at and make:

Mixed with milk for £2.00 You make £1.57
Profit on 1 bag £157.00 or 77%
Blended with ice for £2.80 You make £2.20
Profit on 1 bag £125.50 or 71%
Toppings, if ordered, are an extra profit on above prices.


Cool branding on latte glasses or clear plastic disposable
cups adds to the sophistication.

Free Disposables

Whichever way you serve Ctappuccino Cool you get FREE
disposables every time you purchase the ingredients!

Branded Latte Glasses

If you prefer you can purchase Cappuccino Cool branded latte glasses.

Free Delivery

1 – 2 working days and your order will be with you at no extra cost


Guilt Free Pleasure

No artificial sweeteners and colours, gluten free, ok for vegetarians, 98% fat free, low in calories and they are made with fresh milk!

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